How Many Times is Too Many?

Because we are on the heels of another election, I was asked to tell my story – again – on a Zoom panel with other advocates and patients for healthcare security. This ask isn’t uncommon, not during legislative session or election season, or when policy comes up that, while important, will more than likely won’t … Continue reading How Many Times is Too Many?

An Unprecedented Waste

Things change and I am prone to change. I rearrange the living room once a year, and I want to move out of my house continually. I clean out and bring more in. It is a rhythm of the universe, perhaps. It is the rhythm of my body. Sustenance goes in and waste comes out. … Continue reading An Unprecedented Waste

Me and My Trauma Body

Today: How’s everything else?Getting over being sick, myself. Oof-Did you have the stomach flu?Fucking Diverticulitis. I’m old.You are NOT old. You’ve got trauma body. Trauma body.A serious illness – as many of you experience – changes not only your world view; you know, that precious idea that to have been close to death means one … Continue reading Me and My Trauma Body

Do Better

My mom sent me a Facebook message tonight: Write on your blog!My absence on a certain social media must be getting to her. It’s been a minute; a lot of things happen in a minute. It was April one day then it was August. I was depressed as hell in the Spring and now I’m … Continue reading Do Better

Oaks Park, 1991

I wasn’t the only one whose parents would drop us off at the rink on Fridays and Saturdays where we’d be unsupervised for hours. Oaks Park Roller Rink in Portland, Oregon was where I found myself and my friends. It’s where I had my first kiss, where I met the boy with whom I shared … Continue reading Oaks Park, 1991

First Things First

First there were forums. That was the turn of the century and I was living in Seattle as a new adult making more than enough money to spend on pleasure than vital expenses. I lived in a house with fifteen bedroom “apartments” and shared a floor with Colm – a dude from Ireland, and this … Continue reading First Things First

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